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FBR refutes news regarding including non tax collection in tax collection

Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) on Tuesday (today) strongly refuted news of inclusion of non tax collection in tax collection and the institution has made record for the first time it crossed the targeted amount and reached 3104 billion rupees.

According to spokesman of FBR, the FBR got more than 20% percent revenue from the last year.  The FBR collected 3112 billion rupees till 30 June 2016 which is more than 8 billion rupees from the targeted amount.

The FBR collected in the year 2015-2016 as many as 1217 billion rupees from income tax while it got 1357 billion rupees from sales tax, 192 billion rupees from federal excise and it collected 410 billion rupees from custom duty.

The spokesman said that from whole target as many as 54 billion rupees were also paid in cash refund.