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Fed Govt Lacks Mandate For PIA Privatization: Imran Khan  

Karachi (March 04, 2018): Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan said that the federal government do not have the mandate to privatize PIA  and nowhere in the world such practices of selling out national institutions are adopted.

He was addressing the PIA employees after coming to Karachi on two-day visit at Karachi airport.

He said that after coming into power they would made PIA a world class airline on which the entire country would be proud of.

He said that the privatization is process done by consultations but in our country it is unfortunate that the steel mills is suffering losses while the mills of Sharif are earning billions abroad.

“National institution are not for sale and we have proved that by running affairs of Khyber Bank rather than selling it out,” he said adding that there is a need to end political interference and running the institutions affairs with honesty for better results.

He said that only three months are left for this government and the next government will be of PTI and will get rid of corruption which is the basis of destruction of national institutions.

He also planted a sapling outside the airport and inaugurated the billion tree Tsunami campaign.

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