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Federal Cabinet Gives Approval to Strike Off Nawaz Sharif Name from ECL

ISLAMABAD: Federal cabinet has approved the removal of the name of the former premier from Exit Control List (ECL) on Tuesday.

According to the details, Federal cabinet has agreed to remove the former premier name from ECL for a limited period as he has to submit surety bonds and surety of return to Pakistan.

“The former prime minister will have to deposit security bonds. Conditional approval to remove Nawaz’s name from the no-fly list has been given by the government,” claim sources.

According to sources, a federal cabinet meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, conditionally approved the removal of Nawaz’s name from the ECL after Law Minister Farogh Naseem apprised participants on a meeting of cabinet’s subcommittee which he presided over earlier in the day.

After the cabinet nod, there is no need of the subcommittee’s approval for the removal of Nawaz’s name from the ECL.

Earlier in the day, the cabinet subcommittee meeting on the same issue concluded inconclusively after officials of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) opposed the removal of Nawaz’s name from the no-fly list.