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Federal govt. announce Ramadan package in Utility Stores

Federal government has announced Ramadan package in Utility stores and the government will give subsidy of two billion rupees, while sugar, tea, ghee, flour and pulses rates will also decline.

Federal Government has announced Ramadan package for cheap commodities during month of Ramadan, under which sugar price was set at 61 rupees per kilo after reduction of five rupees, 20 kilo flour sack price was set at 615 rupees from 695 rupees, pulses rates were also reduced, while ghee of different companies will be reduced by 8 rupees per kilo, while utility ghee prices will not be reduced. Syrups will be reduced from eight to 17 rupees. Likewise, soaps of different brands prices will be reduced from two to three rupees. Ramazan package will be applicable from June 1 in 5500 Utility Stores nationwide.