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FIA Arrests Rizwan Dada for Posting Defamatory Content on Twitter

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has booked private TV host Rizwanur Rehman Razi ‘Dada’ on charges that he posted “defamatory and obnoxious” content against the judiciary, government institutions and intelligence agencies on his Twitter account.

The FIA, in an FIR dated Feb 8, has stated that Razi was “summoned” to join the inquiry and have his statement recorded.

The agency’s phrasing of its report conflicts with an update posted on Razi’s Facebook account, where someone claiming to be his son said that Razi was bundled into a car and “abducted” from their home.

The agency, in the FIR further states that the accused “admitted” to uploading content against the judiciary and other departments, and was “very embarrassed” and had even apologised.

Razi, as per the FIA’s FIR, promised that he would “not upload such derogatory/humiliating posts” against states institutions such as the judiciary, Pakistan Armed forces and intelligence agencies.