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FIA Summons Manzoor Qanasroo On August 10

KARACHI: The Cyber Crime Cell (CCC) of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has summoned Director General antiques Manzoor Qanasroo August 10 over running paid social media campaign against the abbtakk news.

Manzoor Qanasroo ran a paid social media campaign against Abbtakk News and team for which a written complaint was forwarded to the FIA’s CCC.

The Abbtakk news provided all evidences to the FIA and after complete checking of the complaint a notice was served to Manzoor Qanasroo.

The Abbtakk news administration in its complaint had informed to FIA “Manzoor Qanasroo in social media compaign had admitted that if news were stopped against us then social media campaign will be stopped.” while Manzoor Qanasroo his brother Roshan Qanasroo, accountant Hakim Rahuju and contractor Wali Ullah Bhbutto had run the joint paid social media campaign against the abbtakk news.

The aim of the compaign was to bring the tv channel in pressure so that news and programs related to mega corruption scandal could be stopped and for this Manzoor Qanasroo used fake social media companies of his friend, relatives and colleagues.

The influential accused uploaded fake videos against the Abbtakk news through fake Id’s and also threaten to kill the team and implicate them in false cases. Manzoor Qanasroo paid heavy amount to PPHI employee Ali Lashari, Wassem Rahman, Lala Rahim, Mushtaq Jatoi and ohters.

Besides that the video of father in Law of Director Roshan Qanasroo giving threats and using slang language also handed over to the FIA .

The FIA’s CCC has started action on it.