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Fiazabad Standoff: PTI demands Ahsan Iqbal Resignation

Islamabad (November 25, 2017): The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) has demanded the interior minister Ahsan Iqbal resignation over his failure to end Faizabad sit-in peacefully as he also demanded the ban on live coverage of TV channels.

In a statement PTI General Secretary Jahangir Tareen alleged that interior minister has mishandled the sit-in from its start and his mountainous claim to solve the issue peacefully turned into ashes.

“The today’s crackdown has plunged the entire country in fire of unrest as government has used undemocratic ways just hide its ineligibility that led to call the military in Islamabad and Rangers have been called for other main cities,” he mentioned.

He termed Ahsan as failed minister and sand his wrong strategy put entire country in grip of unrest, therefore he should instantly relinquish his post.

Earlier, the federal government, finally, called the military to control the enraged protesters at Faizabad that has caused the death of the three people and injuries of more than 200 people.  

In its notification the interior ministry said that the armed force has been called under the article 245 of the constitution and anti-terrorist act 1997.

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