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FIFA WC 2018: Interesting Records

Moscow (July 11, 2018): In FIFA World Cup 2018, till last match of first semi final, 158 goals have been scored in 61 matches. Highest number of goals are 14, by Belgium. Russia’s defense was most effective. 209 Yellow Cards were given, while four players were handed over with Red Cards.

Number Of Goals Until First Semi FinalTotal 158 goals have been hit till now in 61 matches in ongoing FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, which makes the average of 2.6. Belgium scored highest number of goals with a total of 14 goals. But lose to France in semi final match.

Russia Has The Strongest DefenseRussia’s defense proved to be the most effective, whose players cleared and saved over 259 goals.

Most Successful Goal-KeeperMexico’s goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa is the most successful goalkeeper of the tournament by saving 25 goals.

Yellow And Red CardsA total of 209 Yellow cards and four Red cards have been given to the players.Carlos Sanchez of Colombia, was handed the first red card of this tournament and the second quickest in World Cup history, after deliberately handling a goal-bound shot.

Brazil Has The Most Number Of AttacksBrazil sets the record of most number of attacks, with over 292 attacks at the opponent’s goal. Neymar Junior made 27 tries to enter the opponent’s goal, while 13 times aimed the goal.

English Captain, Strong Contender Of Golden Boot AwardEnglish captain, Harry Kane is the strongest contender of ‘Golden Boot Award’, with six goals to his credit.

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