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Final decision taken to appoint Inzamam as chief selector

It has been decided to appoint former batsman Inzamam Ul Haq as a chief selector. Sources said that after disastrous defeats of cricket team government has forced Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to appoint Inzamam Ul Haq as the chief selector.

The PCB has compelled to designate the former batsman on the key position against its own aspirations.  The sources said that shameful performance of the team in T-20 world cup brought government in action. The PCB has been forced to hire Inzamam as the chief selector and the PCB chairman could not refused to government personality and against his aspiration met with Inzamam.

The sources revealed that the PCB wanted to appoint puppet chief selector and due to strictness attitude of Inzamam board officials were reluctant to appoint him.

The sources said that back in 2006 Inzamam had refused to follow Shaharyar Khan Instructions and he was sent to home due to this. It is also came to knowledge first Afghan government has agreed to release Izamam from his services but on the PCB instructions they adopted tough stand and showed its displeasure.

Inzamam was taking 1.2 million rupees as a coach but after being chief selector for the country he will be hired for six to seven lakh rupees. Last chief selector was hired on half million rupees.

Sources said the decision can be announced on Monday.