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Fire Erupted From India To London By Seeing Today’s Rally At Sohrab Goth: Mustafa Kamal

Karachi: Pak Sar Zameen Party (PSP) Chief Mustafa Kamal has said that People of Karachi has written a history today by attending the PSP rally in a huge numbers while the PSP chief also lauded the Pakhtuns by saying they have foiled the enemy conspiracy by attending the PSP rally today.

The PSP cheif was addressing a mamooth rally at Al-Asif Square, Sohrab Goth. He said that Indian wanted to carry out terrorism in the city on the name of ethinicity adding that the consulate that India has opened in Afghanistan through which it wanted terrorism in the country.

Syed Mustafa Kamal determined that he will not let anyone injure on the name of ethnicity in the city anymore adding that in the past graveyards were filled by creating rift within brothers.

He said that he wanted to say to the enemies of the country that you conducted mass killings on the name of language adding that today “Pakhtoons of the Sohrab Goth on the voice of Mustafa Kamal ended hatred.”

He said that after seeing today’s rally fire has errupted from India to London adding that he left senatorship, ministry, MNA and MPA seat and he did’nt come to Karachi for any personal interests.

Former mayor of the city said that we will end system of oppression from Karachi to Khyber.