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First Teaser Trailer For ‘Joker’ Lands

WEB DESK: Warner Brothers and DC Movies on Wednesday released the first teaser trailer of their upcoming movie ‘Joker’ a day after releasing the first poster.

Directed by Phillips and starring Joaquin Phoenix in the title role, Joker is said to be a more adult take on the character that presents a new vision of his origin set outside the interconnected DC Extended Universe of Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Shazam.

Joker seems to take its inspiration from classic character dramas of the 1970s and 1980s like Taxi Driver, Dog Day Afternoon and The King of Comedy.

Warner Bros. has also launched the official Joker Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Joker is scheduled to open on October 4 this year, and along with Phoenix stars Zazie Beetz, Robert De Niro, Marc Maron, Shea Whigham, Frances Conroy, Bill Camp and Glenn Fleshler.

About the character from DC Universe

Whether by way of award-winning films like “The Dark Knight,” Emmy-winning animated programs like “Batman: The Animated Series,” video game appearances such as the record-breaking “Batman: Arkham Asylum,” or the countless comics stacking comic book shelves and digital libraries, the Joker stands unquestionably as the most recognizable and popular comic book villain in pop culture history. Unpredictable, violent and incredibly dangerous, he is chaos personified and has taken on everyone from his archenemy Batman to even the Man of Steel.

But Gotham remains his primary home and Batman his biggest adversary, and no hero is perhaps better suited as in many ways, the Joker is the polar opposite of the Dark Knight.

Both were created by a great tragedy, but Batman has since vowed to do whatever it takes to prevent similar incidents, the Joker revels in creating chaos and destroying lives, believing that life’s a big joke and psychotically demonstrating that in a moment, it can all change.

Not much is known about his past, but his acts during the present are what define the Joker as one of the greatest threats to our heroes and the people they’ve sworn to protect.

He’s killed a Robin, crippled Batgirl, and tortured and murdered countless people throughout the DC Universe—all just for a laugh.