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Five More Polio Cases Reported in KP: Babar Ata

PESHAWAR: The adviser to Prime Minister for anti-polio campaign Babar Ata revealed that five more polio cases have been confirmed in the Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa (KP).

He said out of five two reported from Bannu, two from Turgar and one from North Waziristan.

“Due to the drama recently staged in Peshawar, people living in remote areas of K-P are now more hesitant to have their children vaccinated. These areas now require our special attention if Pakistan is to eliminate polio any time soon,” he said.

He said the emergence of these new cases was evidence of the disastrous effect of a recent propaganda campaign against the polio vaccine.

He mentioned that special attention required in the remote areas of the Peshawar as the provincial government should bring all available resources to make the campaign successful.