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AC Resumes Al-Azizia, Flagship Hearing Against Nawaz Today

Islamabad (November 09, 2018): The Accountability Court of Islamabad is hearing Flagship Investment Reference Case against Pakistan Muslim League Supremo Nawaz Sharif for the fourth consecutive day today. 

The AC has permitted NAB to present new documents against Nawaz in Flagship reference case.

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Although, Nawaz Sharif couldn’t appear before the court due to security issues and sought a one-day exemption from hearing of the case pertaining to Flagship Investments reference.

The Accountability Court Judge, Arshad Malik has resumed the hearing of the case during which Khawaja Harris submitted his client Nawaz Sharif’s exemption plea.

Earlier yesterday (November 08), AC resumed hearing of Flagship Investment Reference against Nawaz Sharif.NAB Investigation Officer Mohammad Kamran Recorded the statements for the third consecutive day.

Nawaz’s assistant Lawyer put forward an exemption application for the session. In the application, prayer sessions and holy gathering for Kulsoom Nawaz were the reason of Nawaz’s absence from hearing.

Moreover, AC accepted the assistant lawyer’s forwarded exemption application today.

Previously on November 07, Accountability Court Islamabad resumed hearing of Flagship Investment Reference against former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Judge Muhammad Arshad Malik heard the case and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Supremo Nawaz Sharif was present in the court.

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Mohammad Kamran, NAB Investigation Officer while recording his statements told that Nawaz Sharif made property in the name of his sons, although his sons have been unable to provide any sources or proofs.Further, the NAB Officer told that Hasan and Hussain Nawaz were students and had no sources of income till 1999. As per Tax Returns of 2001, the total assets of Hasan, Hussain Nawaz and Nawaz Sharif are 50.95 Million, 64 thousand and 984 dollars.

During the same period, Nawaz Sharif started various businesses in the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and  Saudi Arabia.Mohammad Karman added that Hasan Nawaz established his first company, Flagship Investment in 2001. In 2010, Hasan Nawaz gave an 87 Million loan to Choudhary Sugar Mills and Nawaz Shareef was receiving the salary from the same mill.

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