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Flagship Ref: Hearing of Plea Seeking Nullifying Nawaz Acquittal Adjourned

ISLAMABAD: The hearing of the petition seeking the null and void the verdict to acquit Nawaz Sharif in flagship reference has been adjourned for a week as the court has summoned record of income tax and wealth tax of the accused.

According to details, the hearing of the petition held by the Islamabad High Court (IHC) bench comprises of justice Amir Farooq and justice Mohsin Kiyani.

The NAB prosecutor told the court by reading out the various parts of the decision of the court that the court did not mention the reason for the Nawaz Sharif acquittal.

Justice Mohsin Kiyani asked, “Had the Nawaz Sharif shareholders of 13 companies of Flagship investment,” on which NAB prosecutor told, “yes he was a shareholder of the companies.”

Judge asked, “question is how was it proved Nawaz Sharif take the benefit of the money,” on which NAB prosecutor said apex court had cleared the issue.

Justice Amir Farooq asked, “Your allegations are Nawaz Sharif owner of all the business of Flagship and his children are Benamidar,” the NAB prosecutor told the court that Flagship is a leasing case.

Court asked the assets showed by Nawaz are not matched with his shown in income tax documents, “Yes” NAB prosecutor told the court.

NAB prosecutor told the court that all points have been discussed in the accountability court and the real reference is Nawaz Sharif’s assets are not matching with his source of income.

Court ordered the NAB prosecutor to submit a chart in this connection and adjourned the hearing for a week.