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Flour Crisis From Karachi To KPK Continues

ISLAMABAD: The people around the country are forced to buy flour at highest-ever price of up to Rs 70 per kg and the unprecedented hike in the price of wheat flour and its acute shortage has brought severe hardship for the general public across Pakistan.

In Lahore, and the growers are holding the flour mill owners and the government responsible for the “Aatta crisis”. A 20 Kg fluor bag is being sold at the exorbitant price of Rs 1100.

In Karachi alone, an increase of Rs 200 to 250 reported in prices of wheat of the 10 kg bag of the flour in the last five months. Irrespective of fine and flour-mill the price of 10 kg flour price has reached to Rs 700.

An element of hoarding on a wide scale also responsible for the skyrocketed prices of the flour but action has not been taken yet against the hoarders.

Reportedly, all tandoors have been closed in the city, bringing misery for dwellers. In KP, a bag of super fine wheat flour weighing 85 kg is being sold for Rs 5,200 and a 20 kg bag is being sold for Rs 1,100.

On the other hand, nanbais demanded the price of roti (weighing 170g) to be fixed at Rs15 while claiming that wood and gas tariffs have also been increased.

In Sindh, due to the disruption in supply of wheat to the mills, the price of wheat flour bag of 100 kg hit a record high of up to Rs 5,300 within three months after an increased of Rs1,300.

Other nanbais’ associations in Punjab have given an ultimatum to the government asking it to provide them flour at the previous rate or they would raise the prices of naan and roti.