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FM Qureshi Chairs Huddle of Consultation Council on Foreign Affairs  

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has expressed the apprehensions that India can stage a false flag operation to divert world’s attention from grave human rights violations.

Chairing the eleventh meeting of the Consultation Council on Foreign Affairs in Islamabad on Monday, he said entire India is protesting the Modi-regime’s Hindutva policies. He said those, who protest discriminatory measures of the Indian government, are facing the worst police torture on behest of the Modi regime. He said police is involved in torturing people by raiding Muslim majority areas in India.

Regarding the situation in Occupied Kashmir, the Foreign Minister said that millions of people have been facing curfew since the illegal act of the Indian government on 5 August this year.

The participants agreed to further enhance diplomatic interactions with the international community get people of Occupied Kashmir rid of continuing Indian oppression.