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FO slams India’s resolution at UN as politically-motivated

 Pakistan on Sunday slammed India’s resolutions at the United Nations, terming it a ‘politically motivated proposal’ aimed at “masking its own terrorist activities in Pakistan”.

Foreign Office (FO) Spokesperson Nafees Zakaria, responding to reports that China had blocked India’s bid for sanctions, said: “The 1267 Sanctions Committee related to ISIS/Al Qaeda has rejected a politically motivated proposal by India.”

The FO spokesperson lauded the blocking of the proposal as a rejection of “Indian attempts to politicise and undermine the work of this important committee of the Security Council.”

Zakaria said India’s proposal was “replete with frivolous information and baseless allegations… had no merit and was primarily aimed at advancing its narrow national agenda.”

Zakaria said, “India has in fact deployed terrorism as an instrument of state policy, and has itself been involved in perpetrating, sponsoring, supporting, and financing terrorism” while claiming to denounce terrorism.

“It is clear that India’s unfounded allegations against Pakistan are in fact aimed at masking its own terrorist activities in Pakistan,” the FO spokesperson said.

He added that Pakistan had been a direct victim of India’s “state-sponsored terrorism”, referring to the arrest of suspected Research and Analysis Wing agent Kulbhushan Yadhav, which he termed as “yet another proof of Indian-sponsored terrorism in Pakistan.”