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Foreign Investment In Treasury Bills Reaches New High of $267mn Between November 1-12

KARACHI: Foreign investment in treasury bills reached a new high of $267 million between November 1-12. The US, UK and the UAE have increased their portfolios of government T-bills and Pakistan Investment Bonds.

Investment from the UK clocked in at $169.5 million, followed by the US ($92.6 million) and the UAE ($5 million). Since the start of the current fiscal year, foreign investment in government securities stood at $711 million.

State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Governor Reza Baqir said foreign investors were investing in T-bills because of attractive rates and about $500-600 million worth of foreign investment has arrived in short-term government bonds.

“Previously, they were investing only in foreign bonds, but it’s a positive signs for the economy that foreign investors are also investing in debt securities,” Baqir told media earlier this week.