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Four Security Officials Killed In Saudi Arabia

Riyadh (April 20, 2018): Four security officers were shot dead and four others wounded Thursday when their checkpoint came under gunfire in southern Asir province of Saudi Arabia.

Three officers were instantly killed when the outpost came under attack. “Security officials have succeeded in identifying a number of suspects involved in the crime and arrested two of them, both Saudi nationals,” said Saudi media. “In the interest of the investigation, their names cannot be revealed.”A third Saudi suspect opened fire as he tried to escape, killing another officer and wounding four others. The attack comes as Saudi Arabia is embroiled in a long running conflict in its southern neighbour Yemen.

In March 2015, the kingdom launched a coalition of Arab states fighting to roll back Huthi rebels in Yemen and restore the country’s internationally-recognised government to power.Since late 2014, Daesh (Islamic State) has claimed a series of bombings and shootings against citizens and security forces in the kingdom.

Saudi Arabia is a member of the US-led international coalition that has helped battle Daesh in Syria and Iraq.

Last November, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman vowed to “pursue terrorists until they are wiped from the face of the earth” as he presided over the first meeting of an Islamic counter-terrorism alliance involving around 40 Muslim countries.

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