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Full Dress Rehearsal of Pakistan Day Parade Today

Islamabad (March 21, 2018): A full dress rehearsal of the Pakistan Day Parade will be held on Wednesday (Today) in order to prepare for the full fledged event on March 23 in Islamabad. 

Participating troops include foot columns of Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, PAF, Frontier Corps, Northern Light Infantry, Special Service Group from three Services and Camel Band.Formations of fighter jets, including indigenously built JF-17 Thunder, will demonstrate aerobatic maneuvers. Besides, floats reflecting cultural diversity of the country will also participate in the rehearsal sessions.

Preparations are underway for celebrating Pakistan Day with national zeal and patriotic spirit on Friday.Moreover, Islamabad Traffic Police have released a special traffic plan for the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi with regard to Pakistan Day parade.

According to the traffic plan entry of heavy traffic will not be allowed in Islamabad on 21st and 23rd March from 12 am to 2 pm. The ITP Radio will also keep the citizens informed about moment to moment traffic situation.

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