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German Court Quashes Ban on Mosque’s Call to Prayer

BERLIN: A court in the western German city of Münster on Wednesday ruled that a local mosque is permitted to perform its Friday call to prayer. It follows an appeal by the town of Oer-Erkenschwick against the prior decision to revoke the mosque’s permission.

“Every society must accept that one will sometimes be aware that others exercise their faith,” said presiding judge Annette Kleinschnittger.

A previous court ruling had ordered the mosque to cease its weekly call to prayer in 2018 after a local Christian couple, who lived about a kilometer away from the mosque, made a complaint, invoking their religious freedom not to have to take part in prayers or rights.

The court in Münster found that a part of laws on freedom of religion colloquially dubbed “negative religious freedom” laws did not give anybody the right to be spared exposure to other groups’ expressions of faith, but rather that it sought to protect people from being forced to participate in religious exercises against their will.