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Germany Bus Knife Attacker Arrested, 9 Injured

Berlin (July 21, 2018): At least nine people have been injured in a knife attack on a bus in north Germany. 

According international news agency, a man armed with a kitchen knife attacked passengers on a crowded bus in the city of Luebeck before being overpowered and arrested. Three of the victims were seriously injured by him. Investigators found a flammable substance in a backpack on the bus but no explosives.According to international police, no immediate information on the assailant’s motive is available but it is believed the suspect had no background in terrorism.

Driver of the bus said that he stopped the bus and opened all the doors to let passengers out after noticing the fire in his rear-view mirror. He then walked back to find out what was going on and was hit by the assailant. As he left the bus, he stabbed people around him with a 5 in. kitchen knife. The attacker was overpowered by passengers outside the vehicle, then quickly arrested by police nearby.

According to reports, the suspect is a 34-year-old man who lives locally. While, as per the prosecutor he is a long-time German citizen who was born in Iran.

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