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Ghee mafia earns additional Rs2.5 billion in a month: Rana Sanaullah

LAHORE: Former provincial minister Rana Sanaullah claimed that profiteers have accelerated their activities in Punjab as Ghee mafia snatched additional Rs2.5 billion in a month.

Rana Sanaullah while briefing the media in Lahore said that Ghee mafia earned million additionally during last seven month as palm oil rates were reduced up to $630 per metric tons from $805 while only Rs15 were lessened in the oil prices.

However, the provincial minister avoided to answer the question regarding necessary action from the government against the profiteers except warning the culprits.

He further said that the Local Bodies (LB) election will be held on given time. Sanaullah was also committed slip of tongue when announced controlling the fertilizer rates despite the fact the prices were controlled by the federal government.