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Govt of Pak on Same Page With U.S. For First Time: PM

Islamabad (December 06, 2018): Prime Minister Imran Khan, during the federal cabinet meeting in Islamabad today, said that he is glad that the United States has agreed with the stance of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) led Government for the very first time.

Addressing a meeting of the federal cabinet, the premier spoke about his meeting with US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad who is currently visiting Pakistan.

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“Khalilzad was sent by the US President Donald Trump to discuss the Afghan peace process and I am happy that I met him”, PM uttered.

“I am also happy that for the first time the US has recognised what we [PTI] have been saying for the past 15 years that there cannot be a military solution to the Afghan war,” he said.

“It is good that we have gotten the chance to play the role of a mediator rather than fighting someone else’s war,” PM Imran said.

PM re-affirmed Pakistan’s commitment to continue its positive role in seeking a political settlement in Afghanistan to bring peace and stability to the region.He said that Pakistan has always been playing an active role to promote peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan and it is a matter of great satisfaction that the world powers particularly the United States has recognized Islamabad’s contribution to this effect.

He said the United States has sought Pakistan’s support in advancing the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan.

Imran Khan said it is the vindication of his view point about seeking a political settlement in Afghanistan through dialogue with all the stakeholders including Taliban.

Speaking upon contemporary Yemen issue, he said, “I spoke to Saudi Arabia and Iran’s foreign minister regarding establishing peace in Yemen. The Iranian foreign minister asked us to play a role to bring an end to the Yemen war.”The Prime Minister said Pakistan is also in-touch with the Saudi and Iranian leadership to bring peace to strife hit Yemen by bringing all the parties concerned to the negotiating table.

He said during his recent visit to Saudi Arabia, he discussed the Yemen issue with the Saudi leadership and received a very positive response from them. He said Iranian Foreign Minister Jawwad Zarif also paid a visit to Islamabad and discussed the modalities for Yemen peace process.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan will continue to play a mediatory role for peace in Yemen to ultimately bring a lasting peace and stability to the region.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said we have also taken a land mark initiative to inaugurate the Kartarpur corridor to facilitate the Sikh pilgrims to visit their sacred religious places in Pakistan. He said the step has been taken with full sincerity to promote religious tourism in the country. He said, it is PTI’s manifesto to facilitate followers of all religions including Sikhism, Hinduism and Bhudism to visit their religious places in Pakistan.

Imran Khan said that no one should indulge in politics on such purely religious and public interest issues for seeking any political mileage. He regretted that Indian government is trying to politicize the Kartarpur initiative whereas the Sikh community all around the world has warmly welcomed Pakistan’s move.

Turning towards domestic issues, the Prime Minister lauded the performance of his economic team to steer the country out of severe economic crisis. He said all the economic indicators are showing positive trend as Pakistan has now entered the phase of an emerging economy.He said  that recently the executives of a number of top multinational companies have visited Pakistan and shown keen interest to invest in the country in different sectors.

The Prime Minister said we are also inviting renowned international companies to explore minerals particularly oil & gas in off-shore areas. Similarly top car manufacturing companies will also open their manufacturing units in Pakistan bringing more valuable investment to the country.

Upon speaking about foreign investors and their interest in Pakistan, PM Imran Khan asserted, “Suzuki, Pepsi, Coke and Exxon have decided to invest millions of dollars in the country. A school will be opened for the transfer of technology and training to our people and credit for all this goes to our economic teams.”

“Our economic teams created an environment favourable for investment even in difficult times. Investments lead the country towards progress,” he claimed.

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