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Glimpses of Pilgrims Offering Hajj Rituals

Web Desk (August 21, 2018): Millions of pilgrims have offered Hajj rituals in Makkah.

Glimpses of Muslims Offering Hajj Rituals

Before moving to Mina, pilgrims are performing Tawaf around Khana Kaaba.Pilgrims while moving towards Mina.Pilgrims from all around the World stayed in Mina, they are performing most important ritual of ‘Waqoof-e-Arafat’ today.Pilgrims while worshiping.World’s largest tent-city of Mina.Main control Office of Pilgrims Affair, Pakistan (OPAP) in Mina, is working 24/7, constantly monitoring performance of all departments.Pilgrims are listening to sermon of Hajj.King Shah Salman Bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia visited Mina, to personally monitor facilities for pilgrims.سعودی فرمانروا شاہ سلمان بن عبدالعزیز کا منیٰ کا دورہDr. Sheikh Hussain Bin Abdulaziz offered sermon of Hajj in Masjid e Nimra.ڈاکٹر شیخ حسین بن عبدالعزیز کا مسجد نمرہ میں خطبہ حجEid-ul-Azha prayers being offered in Masjid-e-Nabvi and Masjid Al-Haram.Related News:

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