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GM Syed’s 118th Birth Anniversary Observed

JAMSHORO: Renowned Sindhi nationalist leader and scholar Ghulam Murtaza Shah Syed’s 114th birth anniversary is being observed today.

Ghulam Murtaza Shah Syed known as G M Syed, was a political leader of Sindh famous for his scholarly work, spearheading the Pakistan Independence bill in the British Sindh Assembly and after that discovering the Sindhi nationalist movement ‘Jeay Sindh’ for the separation of province Sindh from Pakistan.

GM Syed was born on January 17, 1904 to the Sadat family of province Sindh in Sann village in District Dadu.GM Syed’s intellectual contribution was enormous. He bequeathed a treasure trove of over 60 published books and a huge cache of unpublished work. Mostly in Sindhi, his books are a testimony of the history of Sindh and the subcontinent. His landmark books Paigham-e-Latif (Message of Shah Latif) and Jee’aan ditho aa moon (As I witnessed) are especially seminal works of Sindhi literature and politics.

Some of his well-known books are:

Janam Guzarium Jin Sein (Sindhi)

Dayar Dil Dastan-e- Muhabt (Sindhi)

Sindh Ja Soorma (Sindhi)

Sindh Speaks (English)

Struggle for New Sindh (English)

Religion and Reality (English)

Shah Latif’s Message (English)

A Nation in Chains (English)Image result for GM SyedAt the tender age of 14 years, Syed began his career as an activist. In the year 1919 he became Chairman of the School Board of his own tehsil. Alternatively, he was appointed as a President of Karachi District Local Board in the year 1929. He after that became its President.In 1930, Syed arranged the Sindh Hari Conference and became its Secretary. In 1937, he was for the 1st time appointed a member of Sindh Legislative Assembly.

In 1938, he then decided to join the the All-India Muslim League and in 1940, he became Minister of Education in the province of Sindh. In 1943, Syed became President of the Sindh Muslim League in the province of Sindh.Image result for GM SyedIn 1946, GM Syed dissociated from the Muslim League and constituted a new party named the Progressive Muslim League. The similar year, he was appointed as leader of the Coalition Party in the Sindh Assembly.In the year 1954, Syed acted as Chairman of Sindhi Adabi Board and next year he played a vital part in the establishment of the Pakistan National Party. In 1966, he discovered Bazm-e-Soofia-e Sindh.

He made the Sindh United Front in 1969. In 1972, GM Syed laid the foundation of Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz.

For his role as a political thinker, literary personality and mystic, he ruled the political field of pre and post-partition period for decades. For his defiant views, he remained interned for over 30 years. One may repudiate his political views but certainly cannot relegate his commitment to peaceful coexistence, democratic and secular values in politics and rights of nations. All of this is very relevant for today’s Pakistan to make it a tenable state.

On the day of 19 January 1992, Syed was put under house arrest, his house was announced a sub-jail. Syed lost his life on April 25, 1995.