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Going Incognito To Get More Secure

SAN FRANCISCO: Many websites including Facebook collect your on-device data such as cookies to serve you targeted advertising. Privacy conscious users prefer browsing in Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode than the regular browsing.

Google Chrome’s privacy mode, however, doesn’t completely bar sites or applications from tracking you. Over the years, hackers and developers have found loophoples in the incognito mode and have managed to track you and your web activity.

Platforms such as Stack Overflow are flooded with tips and tricks to bypass Google Chrome’s restrictions in the incognito mode. Some companies are using paywalls such as The Boston Globe to block users surfing in the incognito mode.

Google is now finally addressing the problem with a mechanism that bars hackers and malicious websites to track your web activity even browsing in Chrome’s incognito mode. Interestingly enough, the fix from Google is coming years after knowing the loopholes in the privacy mode.