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Gold Foil Lamborghini Lands in Pakistan

Web Desk (September 01, 2018): Pakistan’s first gold car, 18k gold foil Lamborghini Aventador S luxury car has arrived in Islamabad.

18k gold foil car’s price is Rs. 185 million, out of which Rs. 100 million were taxes and duties, paid by the owner to the government.

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The car has been imported from the UK via UAE and reached Islamabad some three days back. Customs officials have also confirmed the arrival of this car in Islamabad, and said that 100% customs duty, 60% regulatory duty and 2% further tax was charged on importing a new car.

Lamborghini Aventador S was first revealed on December 19, 2016 in Italy. While, it was officially showcased for the first time at Geneva Motor Show in 2017.

Steering of this car is on the right side, engine has 730 horsepower, have carbon ceramic brakes, front brakes are of 400 mm, while rear brakes are of 300 mm.

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