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Government has failed in every single sector, Sirajul Haq

GUJRANWALA: Calling absence of a single and unified education system root of all the problems in the country the chief of Jamaat-e-Islami Sirajul Haq has said that if there was a single education system the country would have left the world behind.

Talking to media at Jamia Arabia Gujranwala Siraj said that government’s honeymoon period has ended and it would get ready for the accountability now. The decision of women not casting vote in Lower Dir by-election was the women’s own decision and not that a tribal decision, he added.

Demanding allocating most funds after Defence he said that government has failed in every sector and has no agenda for public welfare. For the last 68 years a spectacle is going on in the country in the name of politics and democracy, he said adding that the rulers govern in Pakistan but their hearts always remain overseas.

Pakistani nation is left at the mercy of political jugglers who continue fooling the people for their political benefits, he added.