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Governor Sindh Lashes Out K-Electric Over Negligence

Karachi (September 03, 2018): Sindh Governor Imran Ismail lashed out at K-Electric on Monday saying the power supply utility cannot back out on compensating for incidents caused by the negligence of their staff.

The newly appointed governor was speaking over the incident in Ahsanabad area of Karachi where an eight-year-old, Mohammad Umar, was electrocuted by a loose hanging wire. The incident left the boy without arms that had to be amputated due to being badly burnt.

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Ismail alleged that KE earned billions but would back out from compensating for the loss of those affected by their negligence.

He suggested there should be an insurance policy in place for electrocution and said KE should get Umar treated and prepare a package for his healthcare.

“Had a similar incident taken place in the United States, the organisation in question would have been sued,” Ismail said.However, in a statement issued on the same day, KE spokesperson said the incident occurred due to illegal connections in Ahsanabad. But, the spokesperson added, they have already offered treatment for Umar and was ready to pay for his education.

According to the spokesperson, they have arranged for Umar’s treatment in a prestigious medical facility, but his parents had not given them a positive response over accepting the compensation.

Umar was electrocuted while playing in the street on the third day of Eid-ul-Azha.

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