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Govt Conduct Over Kashmir Seems Non-serious, Confused: Siraj

ISLAMABAD: The chief of Jamat-e-Islami (JI) Siraj ul Haq said on Monday that due to weak government India has got the courage to end the special status of the Kashmir but the present fragile government has done nothing for Kashmir in practical.

Addressing press conference in Islamabad, JI chief said that despite a good speech in the United Nation, India did not lift curfew and even Islamic counties did not support Pakistan over the issue of Kashmir.

“Protest and sit-in a right of everyone and no one can deprive of anyone to it,” he said adding that always opposition locked down and closed roads but the first time the same action taken by the government.

Senator Sirjul Haq announced that JI will organize a two-day seminar on Kashmir on November 3 and 4 to highlight the Kashmir issue as all the political parties will be invited.