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Govt Has A Vision To Help Lower Segment of Society: PM Imran

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan reiterated his vision to make the country an Islamic welfare state adding that now a poor man can avail treatment from Rs 0.720 million under health card scheme.

Addressing an inauguration ceremony of the launching of Sehat Sahulat Program, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that 25 to 40 percent of the population of our country are living below under the poverty line adding that providing facilities to power and lower strata of the society is the duty of the government.

The PM said that the government has launched sahulat card while working on its database is underway so that poor and lower strata of our society could get the best facilities.

Imran Khan said that with the issuance of the health cards poor could get treatment from Rs 0.720 million while through the facility they also could avail treatment in private hospitals.

The PM said in every cabinet meeting, a briefing is given by each ministry on steps taken for the benefit of the common man. He said it is the government’s responsibility to improve the lives of people.

He said that Pakistan was not created to become an Asian Tiger instead it was built for a great purpose adding that we wanted to Pakistan country where one can find justice and kindness.