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Govt puts burden of billions of rupees taxes on masses says Imran khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran khan  said that the government has thrown burden of billions of rupees on masses while he has hinted the party activists to come to roads against the government over the panama leaks.

Addressing  Naml University ceremony in Lahore Imran khan claimed that the government all  investment is all on concrete but real investment is done on humans.

The PTI chief said that whole of youth of the country should be political and humans are political only animals are non-political existence.

He said that the budget which was presented today billions rupees worth taxes have been imposed on the masses while the rulers have shifted their wealth from Pakistan.

The cricketer turned politician said that if people believed that their money will not go to any offshore company then masses will definitely pay taxes.

Imran said that PTI led government will soon come to power and they will collect double taxes to pay the taxes.