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Govt Searching New FBR Chairman

ISLAMABAD: Chairman FBR Javed Ghani is going to reach the age of superannuation this week and the government has decided to appoint a new chairman for the tax collection machinery.

The government is in search of the sixth chairman FBR under the PTI rule. The performance of the tax collection machinery becomes immensely important when the country’s economy is being scrutinised under the strict nose of IMF monitoring.

Javed Ghani is relieving the charge of the secretary Revenue Division on April 7 (Wednesday) tomorrow while April 9, 2021 will be his last day as the chairman FBR. Ghani would reach the age of superannuation probably on April 12, 2021 but because of weekly holidays, he would be relieved from the charge of chairman FBR on April 9, 2021.