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Govt Should Take Notice of Deaths in Police Custody: Ahsan

LAHORE: The general secretary of PML-N Ahsan Iqbal lashing out at PTI government said that government was not realizing the plight of the people as it should take stern notice of Salahuddin death in police custody and incident with a lady police constable.

According to details, Ahsan Iqbal reached Salahuddin’ residence, who was allegedly died during police custody last week, and expressed condolence with his family and offered Fateh.

Talking to media, on the occasion, he said the death of Salahuddin was criminal negligence and example of dreadfulness as the incident has shocked the entire country.

He mentioned that the government has failed to protect a lad police constable that showed the rulers have not any feeling of people’s miseries.

Ahsan Iqbal demanded to Supreme Court to take notice of Salahuddin killing and incident happened with lady constable.