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Govt Submits Details of Electricity Prices In NA

ISLAMABAD: Government has submitted the details of electricity prices in the country according to which 20 billion units were lost  in electricity theft and faults in the system last year.

As per the report submitted by the government in the National Assembly (NA) all the customers have been charged with an average rate of Rs 13. 40 per unit for electricity.

The government also could not fulfilled its all promises made to public to give subsidy to masses while the government is charging per unit Rs 10.20 for customers using 300 units while Rs 19. 18 per unit has been charged with customers using 700 units while the customers which are using more than 700 units have been charged with Rs 22.28 per unit.

The commercial and industrial customers have been charged electricity Rs 24.23 per unit while electricity has been sold to housing colonies at the rate of Rs 21. 41 per unit.

A rate of Rs 21. 23 is fixed for agriculture tube well for the farmers.