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Govt Submits No-Confidence Motion Against Deputy Chairman Senate

ISLAMABAD: In a government tit for tat move for the opposition in the upper house of the Parliament, a resolution against Deputy Chairman Senate Saleem Mandviwala has been submitted by the government.

Earlier, the opposition has already submitted the no-confidence motion against Chairman Senate Saddiq Sanjarani while they also nominated Mir Hasil Bisenjo of National Party for the post.

Leader of the house Shibli Faraz along with Senator Manzoor Kakar and other members of the allied parties presented the no-confidence motion against the deputy chairman Senate Saleem Mandviwala.

The resolution was endorsed by 26 members of the Senate while no allegations were imposed on the deputy chairman Senate in the resolution.

Leader of the house, Shibli Faraz said that opposition brought the no-confidence motion against the Chairman Senate first now the government will no more support the deputy chairman senate.
Federal Minister for Defense Pervez Khattak said that the opposition didn’t value our votes as the opposition withdrew support from the Chairman Senate the government now also withdrew support from the deputy chairman senate.

He said that the government will compete for the no-confidence motion against the Chairman Senate while he vowed that money will not run during the no-confidence motion as all members will cast vote on their thinking and vision.