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Govt Taking Steps To Ensure Ease of Doing Business: PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday said that the salary he receive does not cover the expenses of his home.

Addressing business community in Islamabad on Monday, he said that he supported his household expenditures on his own salary and had set up no camp office. The foreign visits made by him incurred around 10 times lesser expenses than those by the previous rulers. Even his visit to Davos starting Tuesday would also cost ten times lesser than the ones by the prime ministers in the past.

The prime minister urged the traders to support the government in its endeavour to widen the tax net, terming the taxation a key to revive the national economy and dignity in the comity of nations, adding that the government was resolved to bring ease of doing business by removing all the official and systemic impediments.

It was just to show the realization that the country was pervaded by the poverty and it was inevitable to develop the tax culture, he added.

Imran Khan said Pakistan is one of the lowest tax paying countries in the world but how would the country progress if we do not pay taxes.

The prime minister said the traders had generously supported his mission of building the cancer hospital but they could not contribute to the revenue generation with that spirit just because of the complex taxation system and the government’s inability to spend the tax money on public welfare.

He lamented the practice by previous rulers of spending the tax money to support their luxurious lifestyle which led to the loss of people’s trust in the tax system.