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Govt Will Complete Its 5-year Tenure: Fayyazul Hassan

RAWALPINDI: The information minister Punjab Fayyazul Hassan Chohan claimed on Saturday that some simpleton friends criticizing Buzdar government.

“A few simpleton friends are criticizing Buzدar-led government but they are witnessing it from far as Usman Buzdar is doing his job silently without chanting slogans,” he said while addressing a press conference in Rawalpindi.

Replying a question he said that Prime Minister Imran Khan and Punjab government will complete its five years tenure as entire cabinet fully supported him.

The provincial minister said that few people have intentionally has raised the flour crises to defame PTI government as flour crises always emerged each year in January and CM Punjab had increased the quota of flour mills in December.

He mentioned that the government has suspended responsible officers of flour crisis and also invoked the license of 15 mills along with fine or rupees millions.

“Now there is no crisis of flour in Punjab as the government has design software that will help to maintain a balance between flour mills and dealers.