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Grade 17-21 Officers Among Beneficiaries of BISP

ISLAMABAD:  Officers from grade 17 to 21 have been revealed to be among the beneficiaries of the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) as dozens of them had registered the names of their wives in the scheme.

According to details, 2,543 officers have been ousted from the BISP list. Officials from Balochistan and Sindh received highest amounts through the programme.

Overall, three officers of grade 21 and 59 officers of grade 20 quarterly received the sum under the programme whereas 429 officials of grade 19 were also among the beneficiaries.

342 officers of grade 18 from Sindh and 1,240 officers of grade 17 overall derived advantages from the scheme. The list also includes six BISP representatives. The process of ousting ineligible persons from the programme is ongoing.