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Ground contacts damaged in flood-hit areas of Chitral

Severe shortage of medicine and food have been created in Chitral as, ground contacts were damaged in flood-hit areas of Chitral, while Pak army and Chitral scouts are busy in providing medicine, food and relief teams.

However, connecting roads have been damaged in various areas of Chitral including Garam Chashma, Kailash valley and Tehsil Mastuj, causing severe shortage of medicine and food in the areas.

Meanwhile, Pak Army and Chitral scouts are providing food and drinking water through helicopter.

On the other hand, free medical camps have been installed by the scouts for the victims of flood-hit areas.

At least four were wounded including two women and two children due rain causing roof collapsed in Karak. Whereas, heavy rains is continued in Karak for three days, leaving floods in stream.

However, melt of Biafo glaciers emerged water at high level in Skurddu, bridge at K-2 connecting street is at risk to be destroyed, several foreigners and national mountaineers may be trapped in the area.