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GTA V Collects More Money Than Any Entertainment Product

Webdesk (April 10, 2018): The ‘Rockstar’ presentation Grand Theft Auto (V) has set new milestones for game developers as it is now the most earning entertainment product ever produced.

According to the sources, “Since its launch in 2013, GTA V has sold 90 million units, putting its total haul for publisher Take-Two Interactive in the neighbourhood of $6 billion,” Doug Creutz, an analyst for Cowen told MarketWatch.
The $6 billion mark is far above than the collective business of some biggest blockbusters such as ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Gone With the wind’, which both earned more than 3 billion collectively meanwhile, if we just consider the DVD and streaming sales with blockbusters even then the biggest movie blockbusters could not make to sustain in GTA V’s neighborhood.
It is pertinent to mention here that the Grand Theft Auto (V) has exceptional graphics and relatable interesting single player story mode along with never-ending multi-player mode supported with the developer and third-party Mods cranked up the sustainability of the game launched five years back in 2013.
According to a report and given hints in the games, Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) is expected to be launch in 2022 with an enormous location based on Vice-City and South America while the first ever Female lead role protagonist may appear to challenge witty thugs.

The developers of the game ‘Rockstar’  are currently working on the second episode of their another renowned project ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’. However, Grand Theft Auto (V) will continue its legacy for next couple of years with the upcoming developer and third party upgrades and MODS.

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