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Guest House Raid: Meera Was Released On Pressure

Karachi (September 05, 2018): Startling revelations after arrest of drunk artist Ali Saleem from a guest house in Karachi.

According to the sources, film star Meera along with three other girls were also present in the guest house at the time of the raid.

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Meera along with three girls was freed after pressure of an influential.

A political leader of Punjab was also present in the guest house, when police raided, said sources.Police Arrest Drunk Ali SaleemEarlier, Ali Saleem, who has been famed as Begum Nawazish Ali was arrested from guest house in Karachi’s Clifton area.

According to details, police officers raided the house and recovered alcohol and also detained the artist in an intoxicated state.

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A case has also been registered against him.

We were busy in shooting personnel tried to abduct, claimed Ali Saleem.Earlier, Ali Saleem was alleged of torturing his mother Farzana at his residence in Bani Gala on a domestic dispute. The nasal bone of Farzana was broken after which she was admitted to Islamabad’s Polyclinic.

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