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Panchayat orders rape with the daughter of a rape accused in Gujrat

GUJRAT: Panchayat ordered rape with the daughter of a rape accused in Gujrat.

According to the details, Bota, a resident of Dhalo Gharbi area of Gujrat, approached the Panchayat and accused Liaquat of raping her daughter.

The Panchayat ordered Bota to rape with the daughter of Liaquat. Bota raped Maria, the daughter of Liaquat. Later Maria committed suicide.

Maria  who self-immolated after being raped passed away at the Mayo Hospital in Lahore later.

It is also revealed that the victim who self-immolated was married and pregnant. In a statement she gave to the police on her death bed the woman said she was raped on the orders of a Panchayat.

Her husband refused to register a case against the perpetrators.

Police claimed that the case had many different aspects. Police said that the incident of rape occurred five months ago in Bhimber area, in Azad Kashmir. He said when the victims’ parents were told that her daughter had alleged that her father had raped a minor they refused the allegation saying that their daughter was mentally unstable. He added that the victim’s husband had also claimed that his wife was mentally unstable.

Eleven members of the Panchayat have been detained for interrogation, police said.