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Hajj Pilgrims Will Leave For Mina From Makkah Today

Makkah: The Hajj rituals will start from today as the Hajj pilgrims will leave for Mina from Makkah.

All the Hajj pilgrims have to reach Mina before Maghrib prayers.

For the first time after the global pandemic ended as many as one million pilgrims are performing Hajj this year.

The Hajj pilgrims arrival from all over the world have completed while out of one million pilgrims, 8,50000 foreigners pilgrims are included in it.

According to Saudi Officials during the Hajj 2022, Masjid-e-Al haram will be washed for ten times in a day and every time one lakh and thirty thousands anti bacterial solution will also be used.

For this time Saudi Arabia has allowed lower than 45 years of age woman for performing Hajj without their male partner or blood relative.