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Hajj starts amid ‘Labbaik! Allahumma Labbaik!’ echoes

MAKKAH:  Millions of intending pilgrims gathered in Makkah have stated Hajj rituals amid the echoes of ‘Labbaik! Allahumma Labbaik! Labbaika‘ (Here I am at Your service O Allah, here I am. Here I am at Your service).

The pilgrims have converged at Mina after Fajr prayer and will stay there overnight. On 9th of Zilhaj the pilgrims will reach Arfaat by bus or train where the Hajj sermon will be delivered at Masjid Nimra.

After the hajj sermon the pilgrims will offer Zuhr and Asar prayers together and will spend night under the open sky. On 10 of Zilhaj, the pilgrims will go back to Mina and threw pebble at the biggest Satan. After Rimi, pilgrims slaughter sacrificial animals.

Saudi government has made strict security measures and appointed translators to facilitate the pilgrims. While 10,000 CCTV cameras and fire proof tents were installed to avoid any mishap on the occasion.