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Hakim Rahuju Confesses More Properties Worth Of 120 Million

Karachi: The ordinary servant of department of agriculture Hakim Rahuju who hide his properties for years has now confessed having more properties worth of Rupees 120 million.

The latest confession has paved the way to sieze his properties while the culture department officer declared his properties in exteme pressure just before end of the financial year while the Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) remained silent.

It is also revealed that Hakim Rahuju has declared his remaining hidden properties on the names of his wife and children to avoid legal action.

Hakim Rahuju who denied such assets during the abbtakk news investigative reporting while He quietly embraced the trick of declaring to the FBR.

He submitted his returns quietly just one month before end of the finacial year after eight months of the last date of submission of the returns.

The officer who declared an yearly income of more than one lakh declared his assets of worth Rs 12.5 million suddenly in a year while all the properties are in illegal construction areas and all the payments were made in cash.

He has declared his five hidden properties of worth Rs 120 million while the properties which declared included house no 83 New Bakhtawar Goth, house no 89, house no 88/5, house no 120 KESC Khaskhaili Goth. He has also declared a vehicle on his name.

As per the FBR and Benami Act all the properties bought from black money can be siezed.

According to FBR he has to give money trail of the properties he made while no any government servant and his relative is eligible to benefit from the any government policy including amnesty.