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Halloween Rules Box Office For Second Week

Los Angeles (October 29, 2018): “Halloween” ruled the North American box office for a second week running, frightening off the competition as it raked in another $32 million.

Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, the low-budget Universal Pictures production recounts her character Laurie Strode s final confrontation with a masked homicidal maniac four decades after surviving his killing spree.

Halloween’s return to the top slot over the three day weekend followed its $76.2 million debut last week, the second-best October opening ever after “Venom.
Bradley Cooper, in his directorial debut, plays a hard-drinking musician in this classic tale of a star-crossed love affair with Lady Gaga.

Sony’s Superhero flick “Venom”, which stars Tom Hardy as a journalist-turned-host for an alien creature, held its ground at third place with an estimated $10.8 million take.

It has pulled in $187.3 million dollars since its smash opening four weeks ago.

“Goosebumps2: Haunted Halloween,” another seasonal offering, kept its fourth-place ranking with $7.5 million in box office returns. Based on R.L. Stine children’s books, it follows two young friends who bring to life a dummy, played by Jack Black, unleashing monsters on their town on Halloween night.

The only new release in the top five was “Hunter Killer,” an action thriller from Lionsgate about Navy Seals who rescue a Russian president from a coup.

Starring Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman and Michael Nyquist, it is estimated to have made $6.7 million over the three day weekend.

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