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Harry Potter Fame Daniel Red Clef’s movie will Release on Feb 28

WEB DESK: In his latest movie, Daniel Radcliffe plays an anonymous young man who suddenly finds himself taken hostage by a macabre game filmed live for the dark web: movie after movie, the actor known around the world as Harry Potter moves a little further away from the saga that propelled him to fame. 

Since the end of Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe has attempted to leave his comfort zone behind by choosing roles as different from the friendly wizard as possible. His appearances in the biopic about Allen Ginsberg, Kill Your Darlings, as the eerie horned man in Alexandre Aja’s Horns, as Igor in Victor Frankenstein, and as a corpse in the utterly mad Swiss Army Man have demonstrated his determination to take risks in his career.

And we’ve got good news: distributor Saban Films has announced that Guns Akimbo, featuring Daniel Radcliffe, will be released in the United States on February 28.

In Guns Akimbo by Jason Lei Howden, previewed at Toronto Film Festival, the video game developer played by Daniel Radcliffe wakes from a brutal attack to find guns have been surgically bolted to his hands. Transformed into a reluctant modern-day gladiator, he’s forced to fight to the death for the amusement of a sadistic online community.

A young man moving suddenly from anonymity to life-changing celebrity… Does that remind the former child actor, who became the face of a globally successful film saga in the course of just a few years, of anything?