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Head of SIUT Dr. Adeeb Rizvi Gets Admitted at the Hospital

Karachi (December 25, 2017): The head of Sindh Institute of Urology ad Transplantation (SIUT) Dr. Adeeb Rizvi has been admitted in the hospital that has become of hope for patients suffering from kidney-related diseases from near and far.

 Dr Adeeb Rizvi was admitted in the SIUT, where he has been provides free medical care to hundreds of thousands of people each year, after complaining of chest infection. He is undergoing treatment in the Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital.

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SIUT has become a beacon of hope for thousands of patients of Kidney-related disease who continue pouring into it near and far corners of the country for last chance at life. There, Dr Adeeb Rizvi provides free medical care to hundreds of thousands of people each year, providing a much-needed alternative to Pakistan’s public health sector, which critics dismiss as chaotic, corrupt and vastly under-resourced.

The SIUT was born as an eight-bed surgery ward in Karachi’s Civil Hospital in 1972. The confidence of the administration and the people that Dr Adib Rizvi won by his zeal for the methodical care of indigent patients facilitated the small unit’s recognition as the Department of Urology and Transplantation in 1986. Five years later, it became an autonomous institution under a Sindh act and became functional as the SIUT in 1992.

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